Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Cold and Cute”

The first pillow of my Caydi Doll pillow series is done! Here is “Cold and Cute”.

This Caydi pillow is very special because she is the start off of my series I will be making. I’m so excited and can’t wait for the upcoming pillows. I originally wanted to share her before January ended, but time is flying so fast and I was unable to! Regardless here she is and I hope you all enjoy her as much as I did making her!

Before this final pillow, I had made two other similar ones mention in a previous blog post. Even though I was very happy with them, I knew it could be better. That being said, it led me to create this very final one, “Cold and Cute”. I started making it last night Feb 2 and completed it Feb 3rd this morning. She’s made from minky fabric and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. She’s very soft and extremely huggable!

Please visit my Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing it. Thank you, muahs!

Update: “Cold and Cute” – SOLD

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