I’m so sad right now. I’ve been working on my HPC for new photos to use on Etsy and I come back into my room only to find that my computer is dead. I’m so heartbroken right now because all my ideas I’ve been working on are gone, gone forever. I don’t even have Caydi’s files backed up at all. I’m just so terribly upset. I will have to redesign everything again, and I know they will not be the original originals anymore.

As of the moment the computer will not even start. I will have my Hubbie look at it when he gets home but honestly I really think it is gone. *CRY*

2 thoughts on “Heartbroken

    1. I should have backed up my things regularly but I didn’t. I will just have to deal with it and start again. A challenge to take on I suppose. … : )

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