Caydi Doll – Sweet OBX – Part 7

I’ve always wanted to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and I finally did! It was so beautiful and exactly like how I imagined! To make Caydi’s Part 7 pillow extra special and the trip memorable I combined the two and tah-da, here it is. 

Excuse the picture quality…my pictures might look pretty sad for a while. 😀

I had mention in my Heartbroken blog post that my computer had went down on me, and it did. My husband looked at it later that night and my computer decided it was going to burst into smokes. The room smelt like firecrackers for about a day or so. Was interesting honestly to see it do that but I’m glad it didn’t happen when I was home alone. I would not have known what to do! Anyway amazingly enough he was able to salvage the hard drive and hooked it up to his computer. We saved all the files we could and I am relieved. Thank you Hubbie!!! :3  Besides that we really still don’t know what happen, maybe a overheat? I’m planning on purchasing a laptop but not sure when yet. I’m bad luck lately I guess because the following day my AC in the car also broke. >.< Lol.

Good Night WordPressers, hope you liked Part 7. 🙂

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