First Scarf for Collection

It’s amazing what can happen when I stop procrastinating. >_< In continuation to my last blog entry I completed my original idea for my scarves! My very first Hmong inspired and very wearable scarf! I had plan on a more Fall time scarf but after making it, I believe it’s more Springy because of the colors. =D Anyway, here it is!


A close up of the design.

I spent the last 6 hours making the scarf and it is now close to 6am. Doesn’t look like it would take that long right? Umm….sadly it did. I didn’t use any of my previous templates I had spent so much time on for the last two months. I ignored them all together and started new because they just weren’t working out. That’s probably why it took me so long but it’s okay because sometimes starting new gives better ideas which made me successful this time! Yay! However while applying the colors I was still limited on what I could see and this made it difficult. What if I messed up my placement or my color wasn’t dry enough?! :O In the end I am very pleased with the outcome and can’t wait until the Hubster gets home so I can show him my new Nerdy Caydi and scarf here. 🙂 I am thinking about giving this scarf to my Grandma when I go visit her. If I have time I may make a new one completely for her.

I love my Grandma, I can’t wait to see how tiny she has gotten! I will surely post a picture of her and I when I get back. She was pretty crafty and creative in her younger days with sewing Hmong clothing. The last time I talked to her I told her I was trying to sew clothes too, she was VERY surprise. LOL.

Hope you like, have a good day everyone!!!

3 thoughts on “First Scarf for Collection

  1. This is cute! I did not see it on your Etsy store and was wondering if you will have it there! I would love to buy it! Please let me know! I might even get 2 if you have 2 different design!

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