Mystery Fabric

Very strange. I turned my sewing machine on the other night and it worked perfectly again, I don’t get it. I guess it just needed some alone time. ^_^ Lol.

I wish I knew more about fabrics and their names. I purchased 2 yards of fabric from Wal Mart late last year to make my Caydi Doll and I’m out. Wal Mart appears to be out too but I keep going back to check hoping they will have it again. The thing is I don’t know what this fabric I’m looking for is called. I tried searching for the same fabric in a different color but get nothing! Maybe I’m just overlooking it all but so far no luck. A few weeks ago I was very confident it was charmeuse and order a whole whopping 10 yards of it online only to find out it was too thin and overly shiny. x.x Maybe I’ll experiment with it someday for other things though. I also made a trip to JoAnns and could not find an alternate fabric to do the job. It seems as this fabric I am looking for just disappeared. Maybe I am just being too picky but it is making me sad. >.<

Anyway I have been working on a new design for my little Hmongy pillows and I think I’m wrapping up on it soon. Maybe I’ll have it to share in the next few weeks!?

Have a great day!

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