Secret Project

Ahhhh, 2013 has not been a very productive year for me. What am I saying? It’s only been two years since I started my sewing adventure! Haha. Well truth be told, earlier this year I took on a personal project in hopes to better my future. It’s my “Secret Project” as I told a friend. I’m still working on it and I know I will probably be working on it for a great while. It’s not craft related, FYI. 😉 That’s the only excuse I have for not creating and sharing much but I told myself it’s because I lack management skills and yes, I’m just being lazy. I’ve not open the door to my craft room until as of lately again. Shame, shame on me. Anyway, to make it short and simple I just wanted to say I’m still here! 🙂 Also I noticed that I miss a few comments from previous blogs and if I did not reply, I’m very sorry! Please have a great day! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Secret Project

  1. Whatever your secret project is, I hope we get to see it soon. I’ve also been lagging this year. Fingers crossed I’ll be more sewing productive next year. 😀 Keep us updated!

    1. Thanks! It’s not exactly something tangible to see…but when I get there, I will surely write about it. 😀 I don’t think you’ve been lagging, look at all the beautiful designs you’ve shared on your blog! ^_^

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