Collection of Failures

I have done it again… I can’t help but laugh at my failures anymore. My doll making journey has been a frustrating but funny one and tonight I added another “body” to the collection of failures.

I have been trying to make a doll for a niece of mine and honestly this is the third attempt in her doll. So…..let me just tell you about it! Everything was going perfect tonight, the only thing I had left to do was paint some pink blush on the cheeks and set it with heat then she would be finish! I painted them and was pretty proud I must say because they actually looked aligned with the rest of the face. Next was to heat set it! Well….the Hubster graciously bought me a heat gun and this was my first time putting it to use on a doll. I turned it on, was doing my thing, it looked to be drying great. However I quickly smelled something and moved the heat gun away. It had burned a hole straight through the fabric! I didn’t noticed it because of course I had it too close to the doll and the gun was blocking the hole. T_T I gasped out “Honey! …. Oh no!!!” and then laughed at myself. I rushed to show it to him and then we just stared at the doll in shock. He knows I spend a lot of time on my doll making and told me to take a break so here I am writing this! =D

I probably wouldn’t have been able to laugh at myself tonight if it wasn’t for something I read recently in Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic.

“Those who succeed bounce back from their bonehead mistakes because they view their setbacks as temporary and as a learning experiences.” and “…you will fail because failure is on the path to mastery.”

I like that, each failure is one step closer to where I want to be! Well my body collection definitely is proof of all my mistakes and learning experiences I have encounter while trying to learn the best way to make my dolls. I plan to keep this up and one day be proud enough to say I have mastered my doll making technique!

I am not going to show any photos of her because…she looks so horrid now. Maybe I will someday but as sad as this situation is, I won’t make the same mistake next time! >:O

Have you failed at anything recently?


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