Could This Be it?

Ahhhh after so much frustration in planning, drawing, tracing, cutting, sewing, flipping and stuffing over and over again I think I’ve finally made a doll design in which I am happy with.  I’ve spent the last two days working on two dolls from the design and I’m happy to say they are almost done. Once I get them done, I’ll need to get some glamorous pictures of them to share! Only thing is that this upcoming week is going to be a tight schedule and I will probably not be able to finish them until end of March. So instead I want to share my “bodies of failures” I’ve talked about before. These are all the dolls I’ve made on my journey so far. I didn’t realize I had made this many! I know some look pretty horrid! Sorry. 😡

See if you can spot the one with a burnt face. I talked about her in a previous blog too. Lol. Have a good day.





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