Upcoming Birthday

I feel as if time flies by quicker each year. It has already been three years since the start up of Caydi Doll. Wowzers! ^_^  To help celebrate Caydi Doll’s 3rd birthday, I am doing this little giveaway. Feel free to enter! 🙂

The requirements are rather simple, like the FB page and… share a birthday wish you has as a child under the post on the FB page. Teehehe! I thought I’d add something silly into it. 🙂

Happy Birthday CaydiDoll Giveaway 2015

Since I’m asking, I’ll share one of mine as a kid. When I was in the third grade, I wanted nothing but a watch for my birthday. I don’t know why I wanted a watch so badly but I did. My Mom did some magic and ta-dah! She got me a watch, haha. I remember being so happy. It was a cyan and blue color watch that had beads threaded through elastic for the wrist to allow simple wearing. It was sweet! Lol.  Things were so much simpler back then right? 😉

Have a great year!


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