Real #21 Doll

I was in denial everyone! My last doll I made, I really wasn’t happy with her. >_< I thought she looked great and cute but something about her just wasn’t enough for me. =P So what did I do? I started over again.

With this new one, I manage to make a template of her face so I can repeat it over and over as much as I like. Yay! My problem with drawing the eyes is solved. All my dolls have always had the same “U” smile too but not this time! I decided to experiment and give her some lips. I’ve used colored pencils many times in the past to add blush but it has never occurred to me to color lips in until now. I’m happy with the results. You bet I’ll be doing this on more dolls in the future.

I also gave her new hair. The yarn I previously used was too thick and heavy. This yarn is lighter and balances her body out better. So this is the real doll #21! 😉 Which one do you like better? 🙂

Old one:IMG_1582-front view

New one:

photos take 1


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