In The Slumps

I guess I’m down in the slumps. I’ve not done too much sewing and am in a daze. Do you ever feel like that? I guess it’s only human nature to feel this way sometimes. I just need to get my stuff together and keep on trucking. =)

It’s going to be awhile before I have anything to post again so I thought I’d share this doll modeling the sweater and dress I made earlier last month. Isn’t she cute? 😉

doll wp 11

I also wanted to give a quick special thanks to all the testers and proofreaders who have spent time on the My Hmongy Doll pattern. I really appreciate it and once I get everything in better control, I’ll share all of your dolls here on my blog! I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback, which was exactly what I was looking for. With that said, I am going to redo the entire pattern again to get better photos, add in extra steps and possibly record for video for extra guidance. And ohhhh boyyy, who knows how long that will take me. x_x

That’s it for now, take care!


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