Tooth Fairy Squid

Have you seen those cute tooth fairy pouches that kids can use to put their tooth in to have it ready for the tooth fairy? I saw them long ago on Etsy and always thought about making some for the nieces and nephews but never did. However, the other day one of my niece loss her tooth and so I thought why not make one now!?

I decided to make a Minecraft base one since my niece loves that game so much. I would like to introduce you to the Tooth Fairy Squid! *LOL* I had fun making it but I’m not sure if it’s cute or freaky??? I do think she’ll like it though. She’ll be able to hang it somewhere easily accessible and have it ready for the Tooth Fairy Squid. *wink wink*

Tooth Fairy Squid

I’ve also been slowly packing things and getting ready for the move. So many boxes!!!!! >=O Hope everyone is well.


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