Illustration of Caydi – June

In my last post I mention I was planning on creating a small framed illustration of Caydi for my June craft/artwork however after multiple runs trying to get a FANTASTIC print, I broke my printer. T_T Poor printer, you’ve done a great job for the past three years! Rest now! ❤

So I’m currently in the process of looking for a new printer and considering it might be awhile before I buy one I’ve decided again to change my idea up!!! Ahh!!!  =D

Hope all is well, good night WordPressers!

Caydi Bunny Plush & Mini HC

For some reason our backyard has so many rabbits that they inspired me to create my own bunny design. WordPressers, I present to you Caydi Bunny plush!

I actually worked on these all day yesterday and some today. Took me quite a while…I was up to 3am just making these and I still wasn’t done. Well they are done now and I’m very please to share them! These Caydi Bunnies are approximately 5.5x2x4.5 inches and made from minky fabric with a bit of felt. I hope you like them! Find them at my Etsy shop for purchase.

I also now have mini 8×8 pillows of my Hmong Collection also listed at my Etsy shop.

Good night WordPressers!

Wal Mart Meetings

I’ve been meaning to email my high school apparel design teacher but something better happen today. I saw her at Wal Mart! Was so excited to see her and tell her about my sewing I have been doing. Now that I think of it, I feel like I did all the talking! I’m sorry! It was definitely nice seeing her again. I think the last time I saw her was about a year ago at my workplace.

Blogging from the phone again so will make it short. My two days off from work are already over. *Sigh* So much to do and so little time.

Today I did try finishing Caydi’s second pillow but there’s still so much to do for it. I’m eager to finish it and show it off! 🙂

Good night.

Hard At Creating

I’ve been hard at creating all day planning Caydi’s next pillow. It’s almost midnight and I’m still not done but it’s okay, I want it to be just perfect! Here’s a “sneak peak” taken on my phone.


That should give a hint of where I’m trying to go, especially in the month of February!

My fabric I order like a week ago also got here today. I’m happy with the new colors and can’t wait to use them for future projects.

Since I’m blogging from my phone, I won’t write to much! Kind of hard to see everything on such a tiny screen. Good night all!!!


Okay! My final post for tonight before I head to bed. My newest pillows were made the other night and yesterday morning. I believe they are my cutest yet. Yesterday after showing it them to my husband, he told me I should definitely give it a name! Giving it a name would be a great idea, but what?

This morning I woke up around 7am from a strange dream. I laid in bed for a while just thinking about it and before I knew it I was debating if I should try to sleep some more since it is my last day before going to work again or should I get up and research names for my pillow. Hmm…the questions in life. I got up!

I surf the internet and came upon some beautiful names but none of them seemed good enough. After messing with letters I happily settled with Caydi. Everyone, I’m pleased to introduce to you, Caydi!

Image 1 – My vector image I created. Image 2 – My first try from the other night. Caydi is quite wrinkly I must say! She took me about 6 hours to make. Image 3- Caydi made yesterday morning, roughly made in about 4.5 hours.

They are both 16×16 and I’m very happy with the outcomes. I am thinking about making a pillow for every month but that’s just a thought!