CaydiDoll the Doll – Part 12

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season. I’ve been pretty busy but I’m sure you have too. 🙂 I wanted to update my blog with my last Caydi collection piece for this year! I can’t believe it has been a whole year already. This year flew by so fast and I’m sad to see it ending already. I won’t see the Year of the Dragon for another whole 12 years! :O Umhmm, I enjoy the Chinese Zodiac. 😀 Anyway, back on topic, for my last piece I took the “doll” of CaydiDoll and made it real! I think she looks pretty cute, but I’ll keep trying to make her figure better in the future. Enjoy!


New Scarves and Nerdy Caydi

I’ve been missing for awhile I know! I’m sorry. 🙂 I feel working night shift is definitely taking a toll on my body…


The two scarves I mentioned in my last post are finished and I’d like to share them. They are also listed at my Etsy shop if anyone is interested in purchasing. Here they are!



If some of you remember my “Nerdy Caydi” for my October collection I actually retouch some bits and pieces and made it into a digital print.

Nerdy Caydi Etsy

I hope you like her! This pillow is also listed at my Etsy shop too.

I will be doing a small giveaway with Nerdy Caydi on my Facebook Page once I hit 100 “likes”, and if you’d like a chance to get this new Nerdy Caydi, keep an eye out on my page to learn further information.

Have a great day!

Caydi and Cubli Ornaments- Part 11

With everything going on I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline for this little project before November ended but I did get it done! I made little Caydi and Cubli ornaments! Nothing fancy, but I was so eager to make them because after such a long time, my husband and I finally bought a Christmas tree! This is our FIRST tree EVER since I met him in late 2001, amazing! It stands two feet tall I believe and we got it from Lowes. I’m very excited about it. ^_^ I don’t know what took us so long…Hmm. 🙂 Anyway after getting the tree, it was obviously very bare, and I decided to take it upon myself to make the first two ornaments for it! I hope you like. Have a safe and happy holidays!

Caydi’s Dress Up – Part 9 and Nicci

The Hmong New Years are still months away but Caydi is ready to dress up for them!

Caydi’s outfit here is a “sneak peek” to some other ideas I have coming up. I have so many ideas and projects that I’m sure you are confused with what’s what! I’m sorry! >.< I’m also planning on making Cubli some clothing too, he looks so cold! Lol.

As mention in my last post I bought a dress form and have decided to name her Nicci. It’s been fun having Nicci! She’s a great model and here she is with a skirt I sewed.

This skirt was again Hmong inspired and took me two days to finish. I used four and a half yard of fabric on it. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday hoping to get more of the same fabric to make the skirt a bit more poufy but could not find it at all! I was very disappointed but it’s okay, Wal-Mart hasn’t been very reliable for me as far as fabrics. >.< I came home and decided to just space the pleats out. Instead of using a set waist measurement I did the wrap technique which is how Hmong skirts usually come. I’m very happy with it but am planning on making another one soon and this time I have enough fabric.  😉

Hope you like the new updates. 🙂 Have a great day!