Nephew’s Outfit

I meant to share this a few months ago but never got to it! Here’s a little Hmong outfit I made for my little nephew. It was super simple and I was so happy to see him wear it. Cross stitch has always been very painful for me because it takes so much time! So if you are a pro at cross stitch, don’t make fun of my simple layout! =P Haha. Oh, and the orange and green are chicken feet and grass if you couldn’t tell! ^_^

nephew's outfit


Hmongtivation Plz

Wowzers, it has been a LONG time since I wrote anything. I have a good reason again though. =P I haven’t been able to complete a single project! No lie! I have worked on so many things since my last post but just can’t finish anything. It is a bad habit. =/

Anyway after almost a year, I’m thinking about finally making my version of a Hmong shirt tutorial! I mean… it is almost time for the Hmong New Years again! So the other night I made one just to see if I still remembered and I think I do. 🙂 I think it has a pretty good fit considering it’s made from a square cut. Haha! 🙂 Here it is.



I started working on this shirt around 8PM and finished it around 4AM. About eight hours! I don’t know why it always take me so long to make something. It’s probably because I make so many mistakes and end up having to spend more time fixing them. *Sigh* The fabric was however slippery, and it gave me a hard time.

If you’d like to motivate me to make this tutorial so you can make your own, leave me a comment here or on Facebook. ^_^ Have a great day!


Shirt Like Caydi’s

Call me crazy but after looking at Caydi’s doll shirt for awhile I wanted to make one for me. What in the world huh? 😛

Shirt Like Caydi

It isn’t as puffy and flowy as I’d like it to be but it’s no problem, I like it! I am still not very good at sewing clothing and so I sort of just made a big square and did what I could. ^^ I have been practicing zippers and it’s stressful. x.x  I’m sure I am doing it wrong!

I hope everyone is having a good start to 2013, make it worthwhile because I’m sure it will fly right by! Early last year I was so excited about the year itself because it was the year of the Dragon, my year! Everything just felt so right and I wanted to take off in a different direction. I decided to dedicated my time into my pillows and reflecting back I am very proud of what I accomplished. A big thank you to everyone who supported me! For 2013, I plan on adding more designs to my CaydiDoll pillows and also random sewings that I will share, umhmm like that one above. Lol.

One more thing, last year I did a monthly collection piece of Caydi and I’m unsure if I will continue to do it, but will definitely still be making projects of her.

Have a great year!

Bea the Octopus and Skirt #2

I’ve been crocheting a little bit here and there and have completed my next little creation! I made a octopus! I showed her to my niece via Face Time and she has decided to name her Bea! Bea is a shy little octopus with a sweet little removable headband. She’s pink with eight yellowish legs!

I feel like Bea is a bit sloppy made because I’m not too great with crocheting but I am indeed proud of her! =P After practicing so many balls I decided to turn it into something and somehow managed to make little legs then tah-dah there she was! Hope you like!

I completed my second skirt last Friday but decided to let the pleats sit in place for awhile before letting the strings out. Here’s a picture of it when I was still working on it. Took it on my phone, so it’s grainy.

I’m happy to have it done but I can’t believe I pleated 7 yards of fabric! >.< Whew!!!! It’s a good thing I had a handy pleat board, it made it easier but was still very time consuming. After letting my skirt hang on Nicci for a week, I took out the threads this morning and took some pictures of it.

I’m planning on rethreading it before the weekend ends to hold the pleats in again. I remember when I was younger my Mom would tell us to rethread our skirts after wearing them from the New Years, but I don’t think we ever did so she always went behind us and threaded them herself. My were we bad!!! My little sister actually took a picture of my Mom a few days ago and to my surprise she was working on a skirt too. When I go visit her I’m hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks because she’s been making them for a long time now…and without a board. >.<

Thanks for viewing!

Caydi’s Dress Up – Part 9 and Nicci

The Hmong New Years are still months away but Caydi is ready to dress up for them!

Caydi’s outfit here is a “sneak peek” to some other ideas I have coming up. I have so many ideas and projects that I’m sure you are confused with what’s what! I’m sorry! >.< I’m also planning on making Cubli some clothing too, he looks so cold! Lol.

As mention in my last post I bought a dress form and have decided to name her Nicci. It’s been fun having Nicci! She’s a great model and here she is with a skirt I sewed.

This skirt was again Hmong inspired and took me two days to finish. I used four and a half yard of fabric on it. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday hoping to get more of the same fabric to make the skirt a bit more poufy but could not find it at all! I was very disappointed but it’s okay, Wal-Mart hasn’t been very reliable for me as far as fabrics. >.< I came home and decided to just space the pleats out. Instead of using a set waist measurement I did the wrap technique which is how Hmong skirts usually come. I’m very happy with it but am planning on making another one soon and this time I have enough fabric.  😉

Hope you like the new updates. 🙂 Have a great day!