Etsy Shop Reopened

I started making these little plastic stud earrings. I love them! They are so fun and cute to wear. You can find them soon at my Etsy shop which is now open again with my newly revamped My Hmongy Pillows. Check it out. 🙂

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Do you ever go missing for awhile? I think we all do, and I believe I’ve been doing a bunch of “BRBs” these past few weeks! Tsk, tsk!

I wanted to update a quick post on what I have been up to. I have been spending majority of my time learning a new subject. I would like to think I am giving it my all and so I have diverted my attention to it, which is why I haven’t been posting much! I am still working on a few things, just not as productive.

I know in one of my previous post, I talked about how I was having trouble finding a certain fabric for my doll. Without any luck still I decided to just let go of it all and searched for something new. I found a nice knit fabric and I think it is working better. It’s so soft, I love it! The doll I’m working on is coming along very slowly. I’m inserting yarn in for the hair one at a time and boy it is taking a lot of time. While I’m inserting hair in the doll, I want to pull mine out! LOL.  I can’t wait to have her finish and shared though. I just hope I don’t mess up somewhere and have to start all over!

Something I also worked on for fun were these rings. Hope you like! I noticed that whenever I take photos on my phone, I go crazy with apps to make things sparkly. 😀 Sowwie!


 I may be giving one or two of these away on my Facebook page so keep an eye out for what to do. 🙂


Caydi’s Delicious Pholicious Rings

I’m so excited to show these, Caydi’s Delicious Pholicious Rings!

The rings are with a silver band and adjustable. I’m in love with them. *_*

I’ve been working with the Hmong faces for rings too, I will have them posted when I finish! ^_^ These rings will be available at my Etsy shop if interested in purchasing.  Have a great day!