A Little Bit of Everything

Long time no see! >_< Even though I’ve not been updating my blog I have been working on a few things! 🙂 I finished my second Hmong shirt. I made it MUCH longer this time compare to my first one. I hope you like!


I’m very much in love with this fabric that I purchased at Minh Phat Fabrics in Sacramento. So shiny. *_* I showed this shirt to my Mother in Law and she gave me a extra dabtsov or flap thing in the back of the shirt to use. 😀 I will definitely use it for my next shirt! Although I did start to wonder why Hmong shirts have the dabtsov on the back. My Mother in Law says it’s just for decoration but do any of you know if there’s a meaning for it? Would love to know if there is!

Before I left for California, I had been working on my new scarf collection incorporating some Hmong designs. I made one scarf and was planning to give it to my Grandma, which I did! Unfortunately, I don’t know what I was thinking and didn’t give it to her when we were together in CA so I don’t have any pictures of her wearing it. I gave it to my Dad to drop it by her place since I was leaving for home soon already. I hope she likes it. She said it was a little thin, which it is; however I don’t think she knew it is more for good looks. >:D Lol. ❤ Grandma.

Anyway more to the scarves, I am working on them some more, trying to find what works and what not. I have two made at the moment, I just need to finish the stringy things at the end. I plan on listing these two at my Etsy shop once they are completed. 🙂

Don’t think I forgot about my sweet little Caydi! I am planning her next little collection piece as well for November which I will be focusing on this coming week. I can’t believe there’s only this month and December left to go for my Caydi Doll Collection. I feel like I was just creating her yesterday!

I also finished the next piece to my Love Noms Noms collection and will plan to share it once I get a few others done too.

So many projects and things I want to do! ^_^ Have a sweet day WordPressers!


Love Noms Noms First Additions

I know I had wanted to share my first two pieces to my Love Noms Noms collection before the week ended but I got a little busy and then a little lazy… :O But no fear because instead of two, I now have four to show you! Hope you like!

With pho and bubble tea two of my favorite items, I decided to remake them into my first two pieces.

A rice cooker is as important as the rice itself! ❤  I think it’s adorable!

So with the three pieces above completed I started to think about other dishes  I enjoy eating. With that said, sesame balls it was! It’s been awhile since I’ve made sesame balls. Actually I think it’s been awhile since I made anything really. My goal is to make these  sweet little treats before the year is over!

I’m very excited about this collection and look forward to adding more. These will be on my Etsy shop soon. Have a wonderful night and thank  you for viewing!

Love Noms Noms

Before I share updates on a project I’ve been working on, I just wanted to let everyone know I will no longer be using the name Crafted Cuteness to go by. After searching Crafted Cuteness on Google and Etsy, I came upon an absolute sweet little shop with the same name and with that being said I am switching back to what originally started it all for me, my little Caydi Doll. ❤ Please check out her Etsy shop, she creates and patterns her very own amigurumi dolls and they are indeed full of cuteness!

Alrighty! So I’ve been working on a project collection called “Love Noms Noms”. It is a collection of some enjoyable foods I like. Oh yes, here I go with food again. 😀 Lol. I plan to have the very first two ready to share by the end of next week! Super excited and can’t wait! That’s all for now! >=D Have a great day!