L&L Video Selling Pillows

It took much longer than expected but My Hmongy Pillows are now being sold at L&L Video store in Sacramento!!! Yeppie! Stock is limited however so check it out! Pillows will not be sold online again until further notice so get yours quick at the store! Don’t forget to try out their delicious papaya! 🙂


Happy Birthday Giveaway Results

It’s already February! :O

Anyway, I announced the winners for my last giveaway a week ago on Facebook but wanted to share the two pillow designs the winners received. I hope they like them!

Happy Birthday CaydiDoll Giveaway 2014 Results

The first pillow was used for the Happy Birthday Giveaway and the second pillow was used for a “Side” drawing which I decided to do for a small amount of people on Facebook.



These pillows will also be available at my Etsy shop by late March if you like them! 🙂 Have a great night!