New Job

I am done moving and I got a new job! Yay! Things are coming along. I reopened my Etsy shop…but there’s not much in there yet. I will later be adding 16×16 pillows in two of the Hmong designs and maybe something else I’ve been working on. ^_^ Have a great night.


I’m Sorry!

I apologize for being late in reopening my shop. The move has been tremendously slow and I have not settle down yet. However, when I open back up I will have some new items to share. ^_^ Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!


In The Slumps

I guess I’m down in the slumps. I’ve not done too much sewing and am in a daze. Do you ever feel like that? I guess it’s only human nature to feel this way sometimes. I just need to get my stuff together and keep on trucking. =)

It’s going to be awhile before I have anything to post again so I thought I’d share this doll modeling the sweater and dress I made earlier last month. Isn’t she cute? 😉

doll wp 11

I also wanted to give a quick special thanks to all the testers and proofreaders who have spent time on the My Hmongy Doll pattern. I really appreciate it and once I get everything in better control, I’ll share all of your dolls here on my blog! I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback, which was exactly what I was looking for. With that said, I am going to redo the entire pattern again to get better photos, add in extra steps and possibly record for video for extra guidance. And ohhhh boyyy, who knows how long that will take me. x_x

That’s it for now, take care!


Giveaway Winner

I’ve been working so hard on my Etsy shop to get all my listings back on track. Whether I am ready or not, I will have majority of the items listed again by next Saturday. If you have been patiently waiting, I really appreciate it! 🙂

The My Hmongy dolls I worked so hard on are now finally done as well. Yay! I had planned to make 20 of them, but my goodness I only made 7. They definitely take a lot of time and work, I hope you guys like them.

I’m excited to also be adding a few new things to the shop that I have been tinkering with. I hope someone out there likes it. Haha. 🙂  What is it? It’s a secret until next weekend. 🙂

My new little doll girl that I shared last post is coming along pretty good too. If I work hard enough, I might even be able to finalize one to share soon before the shop reopens again.

Earlier I announced the winner to the Happy Birthday Giveaway on Facebook. Congrats Zazoua! Thank you to everyone who participated. Have a great night!

giveaway 2015 hbyengy

New Dolly and Pillow Update

This is a doll I’m working on from a new template I made earlier this week combined with some older doll templates I had. So far I think she looks good and I love her cat-like eyes. She’s a fresh breath of air after working on so many Hmong dolls! Haha. Yes, I admit that my Hmong dolls were burning me out! I have been working so hard on a few and I seriously can’t wait until they are done. They are like a tiny little army right now.  My goal is to get them done before the month ends. Hopefully I’ll also have this new doll design to the final stages soon too and then I can start making more of them for fun.

new doll1

Last thing to mention, Hmongy Pillows will be available online again by March and have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Take care!