Upcoming Birthday

It’s hard to believe that I started Caydi Doll almost five years ago. My oh my, how the time quickly goes. I reflect back and there’s still so much to do and yet something keeps to be holding me back. Why do I continue to feel this way? What am I looking for and what is holding me back?

Happy year, cheers.




This is more of a personal post but something I thought was worth sharing since it was making me feel so warm and fuzzy.

I could be wrong for saying this as some family members might disagree but I never realized how much I was like my Mom until this last visit to California. Don’t get me wrong, her and I are still two very different people but as I have grown older I remind myself of her. Simply in the things we like to eat, our hobbies and character are similar. I’ve heard many people say they never want to be like their mother or something along that line and I too am guilty of it but growing older makes me appreciate the person she is and myself even more. I won’t go into detail as writing has never been a specialty of mine, so I will simply end it with a “Thank you Mom and I love you!” 😉


Fun From the Past

I had so much fun in California, it was great seeing the family again. I love you family! ^_^

While I was visiting I found something in my niece’s room! I found my first Hmong doll I made which I had sent her. I can tell the doll has been played with plenty of time and I love that! I also spotted the Hello Kitty pillow I made from 2012?



I dropped by Minh Phat Fabric Store and GP Fabric in Sacramento and oh my, I just love fabric stores. Something about holding and touching fabric is just so satisfying! A family member told me about another fabric store not far from these two also but I didn’t make it there. I hope to next time though!

The fabrics I picked up are going to be aimed towards my dolls. Hopefully I can start whipping up some again. 🙂 Lastly, my Etsy shop reopens soon! 🙂


Happy May!

Today is one of my Sister’s birthday, Happy Birthday Sis! Love ya!

It’s going to be an exciting month because I’m taking a trip to visit my Grandma and family in CA soon and I can’t wait! Due to that reason my Etsy shop will be close May 9th – 31st.

I’m in the process of making two dolls for my nieces. Here’s the first one in progress. 🙂


I started working on her 9 hours ago! It’s now almost 7am so I better stop. Tehehee, starting to get tired. O_O

Have a great day.


Collection of Failures

I have done it again… I can’t help but laugh at my failures anymore. My doll making journey has been a frustrating but funny one and tonight I added another “body” to the collection of failures.

I have been trying to make a doll for a niece of mine and honestly this is the third attempt in her doll. So…..let me just tell you about it! Everything was going perfect tonight, the only thing I had left to do was paint some pink blush on the cheeks and set it with heat then she would be finish! I painted them and was pretty proud I must say because they actually looked aligned with the rest of the face. Next was to heat set it! Well….the Hubster graciously bought me a heat gun and this was my first time putting it to use on a doll. I turned it on, was doing my thing, it looked to be drying great. However I quickly smelled something and moved the heat gun away. It had burned a hole straight through the fabric! I didn’t noticed it because of course I had it too close to the doll and the gun was blocking the hole. T_T I gasped out “Honey! …. Oh no!!!” and then laughed at myself. I rushed to show it to him and then we just stared at the doll in shock. He knows I spend a lot of time on my doll making and told me to take a break so here I am writing this! =D

I probably wouldn’t have been able to laugh at myself tonight if it wasn’t for something I read recently in Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic.

“Those who succeed bounce back from their bonehead mistakes because they view their setbacks as temporary and as a learning experiences.” and “…you will fail because failure is on the path to mastery.”

I like that, each failure is one step closer to where I want to be! Well my body collection definitely is proof of all my mistakes and learning experiences I have encounter while trying to learn the best way to make my dolls. I plan to keep this up and one day be proud enough to say I have mastered my doll making technique!

I am not going to show any photos of her because…she looks so horrid now. Maybe I will someday but as sad as this situation is, I won’t make the same mistake next time! >:O

Have you failed at anything recently?