Doodles to Pillows

These are the first pillows I made a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make but I did some quick doodles and before the night was over I had my first tiny little pillow. The girl wears a traditional purple Hmong turban and the boy has a black cap. I hand stitch the small ones and then sewed the two bigger ones. The small ones are about size 5×5 and 4×4. The larger ones are 16×16. I originally didn’t have a tiny little sweat bullet on the boy in my drawing but decided to add it in once I made it because my husband recommend it. 🙂 The big pillow however also doesn’t have the sweat bullet because I didn’t have any good fabric color to represent it! I’m planning on revising the design and making it better. Aren’t they cute though?

Year of the Dragon

The past few months have been quite exciting for me and for that reason, here I am! I’ve decided to make a blog and share what I’ve been doing.

In October of 2011, I became registered in my occupation and wow, what a great weight lifted from my shoulders it was. Feeling so refresh I wanted to be more engaged in a hobby. I took upon polymer clay and enjoyed it but found it a bit frustrating. My main goal of the clay was to make a female doll and then dress it up by sewing clothes for it. I spent numerous hours trying to make the body parts and head but all just kept failing! They were not to my likings at all. I didn’t give up though and told myself to have the doll made by Christmas time.

My family started our own Secret Santa list a few years back and when time gets close to Christmas we make a list of 2 items we want for Christmas. With my huge interest in clay making, I wrote down a list of fabrics. The fabric would serve the purpose of dressing up my clay figure.

By Christmas time however I didn’t have a figure. I failed my goal tremendously! The closest I got was a head but a very incomplete body. I felt a little bit disappointed in myself but knew if I wanted to be good in anything it would take years of practice and doing it in a few months wasn’t going to make me  a pro. This made me feel better. 😀 Lol.

Well now, I had a case of fabrics and no doll to dress it. I forgot to mention my Secret Santa also decided to take the next step and purchase me a sewing machine! I was ecstatic and not expecting it at all. The first night I got the machine, I took it home and played with it. I think I probably read just about the whole manual. I don’t know much about sewing machines but I was very pleased with it.

Anyway, even though I didn’t have a doll to dress up, I still tried to sew little piece of clothing with the fabrics I had. Didn’t go well either! I felt like everything was a failure.

It wasn’t but probably three weeks ago now that I decide to try something else using my fabric and sewing machine. I made a pillow! The night I made the pillow, I honestly didn’t have any intentions to make a pillow. After the whole thing was done, I didn’t have anything to stuff it with. Not wanting to go to the store I took a extra sleeping pillow in the house and cut a tiny opening on the corner to take the stuffings! :O I felt like I was stealing from it!  It was well worth it though. I showed it to my family and they loved it. The pillow had a bit of my culture’s traditional clothing in it, I think it was pretty adorable and cute.

The last three weeks I’ve been ordering more fabrics online and been sewing pillows. I am finding much joy and happiness in this new little hobby of mine. I hope to continue to share my sewing creations on this blog and maybe some polymer clay too if I get back to it. 😉

With the Year of the Dragon here, I am excited and looking forward to it all! It’s my year!~