Welcome Cubli

The adoption papers are completed and Caydi now has her very own cub! Meet Cubli! He is sweet, innocent and curious with a ferocious roar! *_* One day he will grow up to be a beautiful golden lion and also Caydi’s best friend.


Cubli is made from minky fabric and felt for the eyes. He measures 7 inches from ear to ear and approximately 2 inches deep. I hope you guys like him!

Here he is next to Mini Caydi Cat and Mini Caydi Bunny. I will soon have him at my Etsy shop if interested in purchasing. Have a wonderful night!

Lucky 6 Completion

Yay! I’m so proud to have all my Lucky 6 pillow’s done! 🙂 My nieces will love them! …I hope.  Here are the last 3 pillows. Click here for the first Lucky 3.

Hello Kitty, Pandapple and Chococat.

Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Caydi Cat”

Here is the new pillow for my Caydi Doll Pillow Series, “Caydi Cat”! Caydi Cat is made from minky fabric with touches of felt fabric. It measures 14 x 4.5 x 11 inches and full of cuteness! Actually full of polyester fiberfill. 🙂 CC was inspired originally from “Cold and Cute” which was made in January because it constantly reminded me of a kitty. Unlike my first two pillows I plan on making more than one to celebrate the month of March! If you are interested in purchasing a CC pillow, Etsy me. 😉