Caydi Bunny Plush & Mini HC

For some reason our backyard has so many rabbits that they inspired me to create my own bunny design. WordPressers, I present to you Caydi Bunny plush!

I actually worked on these all day yesterday and some today. Took me quite a while…I was up to 3am just making these and I still wasn’t done. Well they are done now and I’m very please to share them! These Caydi Bunnies are approximately 5.5x2x4.5 inches and made from minky fabric with a bit of felt. I hope you like them! Find them at my Etsy shop for purchase.

I also now have mini 8×8 pillows of my Hmong Collection also listed at my Etsy shop.

Good night WordPressers!

Hmong Boy

WordPressers, I present to you the newest addition to my Hmong Pillow Collection, Hmong Boy! (Don’t you love the names I give to my pillows?) >_<

Compare to my very first original boy version, I didn’t change to many things but added more color to it. Hope you like. 🙂

Find this pillow at my Etsy shop.

New Hmong Pillow

A few posts back I mentioned possibly designing another pillow for my Hmong collection, and I did! Hope you like. 🙂

I also have one more pillow to share and hope to have it up by tomorrow. =]

Good Night WordPressers!

Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “May Flowers”

Part 5

April showers do bring May flowers…and Caydi’s new pillow!

I used a range of charmeuse satin with a cotton flower print for this project. This pillow took me about 6 hours to make but I had so much fun making it. I had music playing in the background and was just having a sweet crafty sewing session! xP Hope ya’ll enjoy. 🙂

Common Swirls

I’ve been working on a simple pillow design for awhile now and finally decided to give it a go tonight. The pillow is based off of a common design found on Hmong clothing, swirls. On Hmong clothing, the swirls are usually cross stitched and then sewn onto fabric. For this project I decided to appliqué swirls with satin and charmeuse. Here’s a sneak peak until I can finalize this pillow better. 🙂 Hope you like the rough draft!

Tiny Pixel’s First Love

Today at work I listened to a patient’s beautiful story of how he met his first love. They however went their separate ways and it wasn’t until 70 years later did they meet again. They married and spent a wonderful 14 months together before losing her last November. I couldn’t help but be touched by such a story. The best part of hearing this story was that he smiled the whole time…still so much in love. I couldn’t help but smile back.

Coming home and still having this sweet story in my thoughts, I decided to whip out the old umbrella lights right away to help light up my pillows I had wanted to share last night. Waiting until Monday just seemed so ridiculous now. So WordPressers, I’d like to share with you “First Love”, named after his story.

Nobody ever forgets their first love…and hearing his story just confirmed it even more. 🙂


Originally when I designed these pillows I wanted to create something special to relate to my husband and I. Honestly I have to say it seemed like all him and I ever did was talk on the phone…hence the design. 🙂 Nothing better than late night phone conversations to the point where you are doing nothing but listen to each other breathe and it’s so worthwhile already. =P I hope some day when I’m old and grey I can tell people about our story too and not just about the phone part. Lol.

I hope everyone will have the chance to meet that special someone because life is too short to spend it alone.

Good night WordPressers.