Caydi and Cubli – Part 8

Before going any further I must say my images have not been top shape lately! I’m sorry! >.<

Moving on…for this month I decided to make a pillow of Caydi and Cubli together! Excuse Caydi for being neckless. ^o^  Lol.

Cubli is easily getting adjusted to Caydi. He’s been very playful and has discover a new angle to view the world, on top of Caydi’s head! Here they are.


I have also taken on a new adventure WordPressers, crocheting! Seeing all the beautiful crocheted items on fellow blogger’s pages made me want to try it out too. I’m learning slowly and viewing a lot of YouTube videos to help me. 🙂 I’ve been practicing with balls and turtles. It has been really enjoyable and I hope I can share some crochet projects in the future.

Good night.

Welcome Cubli

The adoption papers are completed and Caydi now has her very own cub! Meet Cubli! He is sweet, innocent and curious with a ferocious roar! *_* One day he will grow up to be a beautiful golden lion and also Caydi’s best friend.


Cubli is made from minky fabric and felt for the eyes. He measures 7 inches from ear to ear and approximately 2 inches deep. I hope you guys like him!

Here he is next to Mini Caydi Cat and Mini Caydi Bunny. I will soon have him at my Etsy shop if interested in purchasing. Have a wonderful night!