Love Noms Noms

Before I share updates on a project I’ve been working on, I just wanted to let everyone know I will no longer be using the name Crafted Cuteness to go by. After searching Crafted Cuteness on Google and Etsy, I came upon an absolute sweet little shop with the same name and with that being said I am switching back to what originally started it all for me, my little Caydi Doll. ❤ Please check out her Etsy shop, she creates and patterns her very own amigurumi dolls and they are indeed full of cuteness!

Alrighty! So I’ve been working on a project collection called “Love Noms Noms”. It is a collection of some enjoyable foods I like. Oh yes, here I go with food again. 😀 Lol. I plan to have the very first two ready to share by the end of next week! Super excited and can’t wait! That’s all for now! >=D Have a great day!


Caydi Bunny Plush & Mini HC

For some reason our backyard has so many rabbits that they inspired me to create my own bunny design. WordPressers, I present to you Caydi Bunny plush!

I actually worked on these all day yesterday and some today. Took me quite a while…I was up to 3am just making these and I still wasn’t done. Well they are done now and I’m very please to share them! These Caydi Bunnies are approximately 5.5x2x4.5 inches and made from minky fabric with a bit of felt. I hope you like them! Find them at my Etsy shop for purchase.

I also now have mini 8×8 pillows of my Hmong Collection also listed at my Etsy shop.

Good night WordPressers!

Hmong Boy

WordPressers, I present to you the newest addition to my Hmong Pillow Collection, Hmong Boy! (Don’t you love the names I give to my pillows?) >_<

Compare to my very first original boy version, I didn’t change to many things but added more color to it. Hope you like. 🙂

Find this pillow at my Etsy shop.

New Hmong Pillow

A few posts back I mentioned possibly designing another pillow for my Hmong collection, and I did! Hope you like. 🙂

I also have one more pillow to share and hope to have it up by tomorrow. =]

Good Night WordPressers!

Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “May Flowers”

Part 5

April showers do bring May flowers…and Caydi’s new pillow!

I used a range of charmeuse satin with a cotton flower print for this project. This pillow took me about 6 hours to make but I had so much fun making it. I had music playing in the background and was just having a sweet crafty sewing session! xP Hope ya’ll enjoy. 🙂