Better Late Than Never

I’ve been revamping one of my doll designs again and while doing so, I’ve kept an old friend from high school in mind. I knew her for a brief time during my senior year but she was a great friend. What happened was a few weeks ago while I was trying to look for something in old boxes, I found her wedding invitation she had sent me years ago and it made me think of her. So what does she have to do with my doll pattern? Well,  honestly I have been meaning to send her a baby shower gift for over a year now!!!! I know! I’m a horrible friend! >_< While finishing this pattern, I thought it would be great to make the very first doll for her daughter as a late, late, late gift. So I did just that, here she is! 🙂 I’m planning to send it to her next week and I hope they both like it.

doll chloeOh, it also looks like one of her eyebrow is missing but trust me it’s there. Haha! Her hair is just covering it. Have a great night.

Giveaway Winner

I’ve been working so hard on my Etsy shop to get all my listings back on track. Whether I am ready or not, I will have majority of the items listed again by next Saturday. If you have been patiently waiting, I really appreciate it! 🙂

The My Hmongy dolls I worked so hard on are now finally done as well. Yay! I had planned to make 20 of them, but my goodness I only made 7. They definitely take a lot of time and work, I hope you guys like them.

I’m excited to also be adding a few new things to the shop that I have been tinkering with. I hope someone out there likes it. Haha. 🙂  What is it? It’s a secret until next weekend. 🙂

My new little doll girl that I shared last post is coming along pretty good too. If I work hard enough, I might even be able to finalize one to share soon before the shop reopens again.

Earlier I announced the winner to the Happy Birthday Giveaway on Facebook. Congrats Zazoua! Thank you to everyone who participated. Have a great night!

giveaway 2015 hbyengy

New Dolly and Pillow Update

This is a doll I’m working on from a new template I made earlier this week combined with some older doll templates I had. So far I think she looks good and I love her cat-like eyes. She’s a fresh breath of air after working on so many Hmong dolls! Haha. Yes, I admit that my Hmong dolls were burning me out! I have been working so hard on a few and I seriously can’t wait until they are done. They are like a tiny little army right now.  My goal is to get them done before the month ends. Hopefully I’ll also have this new doll design to the final stages soon too and then I can start making more of them for fun.

new doll1

Last thing to mention, Hmongy Pillows will be available online again by March and have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Take care!


Could This Be it?

Ahhhh after so much frustration in planning, drawing, tracing, cutting, sewing, flipping and stuffing over and over again I think I’ve finally made a doll design in which I am happy with.  I’ve spent the last two days working on two dolls from the design and I’m happy to say they are almost done. Once I get them done, I’ll need to get some glamorous pictures of them to share! Only thing is that this upcoming week is going to be a tight schedule and I will probably not be able to finish them until end of March. So instead I want to share my “bodies of failures” I’ve talked about before. These are all the dolls I’ve made on my journey so far. I didn’t realize I had made this many! I know some look pretty horrid! Sorry. 😡

See if you can spot the one with a burnt face. I talked about her in a previous blog too. Lol. Have a good day.





Collection of Failures

I have done it again… I can’t help but laugh at my failures anymore. My doll making journey has been a frustrating but funny one and tonight I added another “body” to the collection of failures.

I have been trying to make a doll for a niece of mine and honestly this is the third attempt in her doll. So…..let me just tell you about it! Everything was going perfect tonight, the only thing I had left to do was paint some pink blush on the cheeks and set it with heat then she would be finish! I painted them and was pretty proud I must say because they actually looked aligned with the rest of the face. Next was to heat set it! Well….the Hubster graciously bought me a heat gun and this was my first time putting it to use on a doll. I turned it on, was doing my thing, it looked to be drying great. However I quickly smelled something and moved the heat gun away. It had burned a hole straight through the fabric! I didn’t noticed it because of course I had it too close to the doll and the gun was blocking the hole. T_T I gasped out “Honey! …. Oh no!!!” and then laughed at myself. I rushed to show it to him and then we just stared at the doll in shock. He knows I spend a lot of time on my doll making and told me to take a break so here I am writing this! =D

I probably wouldn’t have been able to laugh at myself tonight if it wasn’t for something I read recently in Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic.

“Those who succeed bounce back from their bonehead mistakes because they view their setbacks as temporary and as a learning experiences.” and “…you will fail because failure is on the path to mastery.”

I like that, each failure is one step closer to where I want to be! Well my body collection definitely is proof of all my mistakes and learning experiences I have encounter while trying to learn the best way to make my dolls. I plan to keep this up and one day be proud enough to say I have mastered my doll making technique!

I am not going to show any photos of her because…she looks so horrid now. Maybe I will someday but as sad as this situation is, I won’t make the same mistake next time! >:O

Have you failed at anything recently?