Bubble Tea Love

In my “About” section, I mentioned I enjoyed bubble tea and I wanted to make something to honor it. So long live the bubble tea! Here is a pillow I designed for all the bubble tea lovers!

If you don’t know what bubble tea is I highly recommend you try it. They are also called boba tea. Depending on where you purchase it, the drink may be in a smoothie form or a tea drink form. I prefer the smoothie if I have a choice. 🙂 At the bottom of the drink are the “bubbles” and you can slurp and drink them up with a big old straw they give you. It’s a great little sweet drink to have on a hot day…and after a bowl of pho! Oh goodness…pho is another story too. >.<

Find this pillow on Etsy, 8×8 or 15×15

A few post back I talked about the draft snake I made for a coworker. I did give it to her and she absolutely loved it. Yay!

Draft Snake Update

I finished the draft snake but am unsure of how well it will work. >.< I am going to give it to my coworker to test out and if it doesn’t work well, I will redo it. I ended up using gems to help add weight and snaps for the closing ends. It’s stuffed and filled with polyester fiberfill. I hope this works and I hope she likes it!

Draft Snake

A few weeks ago a friend at work asked me to make her a draft snake for her door. I actually have never seen one in person before so I googled some pictures of it. Looked pretty simple and I started working on it the other day. I did a basic cut out and stitch a few things here and there but I am now having some trouble with it. I can’t figure how to add weight to it. I had planned to stuff it with fiberfill but I don’t think that will work to well because it might be to light weight and not stay in position when in use. I’m so confuse. Lol. Hmm..I guess I should have looked up some tutorials but…I don’t know. I may just be thinking too much into it. Yesterday when I went to the store I did drop by the crafts and purchased some gems. I’m planning on using these gems to help add weight. I hear you can add rice and beans inside but what if that attracts mice and bugs!??

Well when I have the final product, I’ll share it! 😀

Good night WordPressers. 🙂