Fun From the Past

I had so much fun in California, it was great seeing the family again. I love you family! ^_^

While I was visiting I found something in my niece’s room! I found my first Hmong doll I made which I had sent her. I can tell the doll has been played with plenty of time and I love that! I also spotted the Hello Kitty pillow I made from 2012?



I dropped by Minh Phat Fabric Store and GP Fabric in Sacramento and oh my, I just love fabric stores. Something about holding and touching fabric is just so satisfying! A family member told me about another fabric store not far from these two also but I didn’t make it there. I hope to next time though!

The fabrics I picked up are going to be aimed towards my dolls. Hopefully I can start whipping up some again. 🙂 Lastly, my Etsy shop reopens soon! 🙂


Busy Bee

There are so many things going on right now, upcoming trips and work…limited time that I am getting sad. >.< My trip is this week and I am excited but at the same time sad because I’m afraid I won’t have Caydi’s June artwork done before the end of the month. T_____T *Tears* I like to have things done on time and as of right now I feel like a failure! This vacation is much-needed however and I will try to clear my mind and have some fun with my sisters and Mom. I will also be meeting my niece and nephew for the first time so it will be great! Oh! I almost forgot, my Etsy Shop is also on Vacation Mode. ^_^

Hope all is well WordPressers, will be back before I know it!

Thoughts and Plans

In the process of revamping my Hmong Pillows by adding more details and colors. A bit tedious and frustrating at the moment but I know they will be even better!


My Caydi pillow for the month of June is at a no go for the moment because I think I might actually try something else. I’ve been rearranging my sewing room and would like to create a small framed illustration of her for my room. Will have it completed before end of June to share.


This month and early July will be a exciting schedule for me. I will be going on a trip to meet up with my Mom and sisters for the first time in a LONG time. I am so looking forward to it, except for the traveling part. >_<