Sewing Pattern and Doll #12 and #13

If you haven’t entered into the Birthday Giveaway on Caydi Doll’s Facebook page, you should! Why? Because you get a free doll! Specifically the doll below in the purple hat. I just got her completed and can’t wait to send her to her new owner. The deadline is February 17th, so there is still plenty of time. 🙂


Next on the list… I present to you a somewhat different look to my dolls. Isn’t she lovely? With Valentine’s day rolling around I decided to give her a different skirt and add some hearts to her hair tie. I hope you like her. This skirt fabric is a very common print for Hmong skirts and I couldn’t wait to use it. My Grandma actually gave it to me last year when I went to go visit her and she told me to do something with the fabric because if not, she was going to tear them into stripes to tie her chickens! LOL, WHAT?! Anyway she then explained to me that she is old now and can no longer sew like she use to so after that, I gladly accepted them. Thanks Grandma. ^_^



I’m making a sewing pattern for my Hmong dolls and if anyone is up for the challenge to test it out, please let me know. I’m looking for at least 5 people to do this. It involves many parts and will take lots of hours but if you would like to help me out, I’d appreciate it. Skill requirement probably is intermediate but even if you are a beginner, I’m sure you can complete it if you take your time. It would also involve buying your own material, actually following the pattern and giving me your honest feedback on the pattern. I’d like for it to be completed by early March if not earlier. If you are interested, serious and ready to invest the time to finish it, let me know! However, I cannot offer anything in return but my gratitude for your help and you’ll get access to the final pattern.  Thank you!


Doll #3

The two previous dolls I shared and sold have names now! Crystal and Addison. The girls who received the dolls looked so happy and that was a great feeling being the creator!

I’ll be honest when I was younger, dolls never were my thing. I had these eerie feelings they would come alive and you know, run around with a knife in their hands. Haha. 😀 One year my oldest sister bought me a porcelain doll that played music, it was beautiful and I named her Juliet but deep down inside it freaked me out. I think I still have it and it might…be in the closet packed away? 😉 I’ll look one of these days to see if it is there. Anyway what I was saying was that I never thought I’d be sewing dolls since they freaked me out so much as a child. There is definitely a rewarding feeling I get when I make my dolls and I have come to appreciate the work and craftsmanship that is behind each handmade doll. Roughly estimating, one doll takes me about 12 hours to make if I do it non stop and skip meals completely! Whew, that’s a lot of time!

I started working on another doll shortly after Crystal and Addison. She is the same as the other two just with a few small difference in her clothing. I will be listing her at Etsy soon. Here she is. I wonder what her future owner will name her? For now she will be Caydi. 😉