Busy Bee

There are so many things going on right now, upcoming trips and work…limited time that I am getting sad. >.< My trip is this week and I am excited but at the same time sad because I’m afraid I won’t have Caydi’s June artwork done before the end of the month. T_____T *Tears* I like to have things done on time and as of right now I feel like a failure! This vacation is much-needed however and I will try to clear my mind and have some fun with my sisters and Mom. I will also be meeting my niece and nephew for the first time so it will be great! Oh! I almost forgot, my Etsy Shop is also on Vacation Mode. ^_^

Hope all is well WordPressers, will be back before I know it!

“That Skirt”

I’ve been a little distracted from my pillows lately due to experimenting with another sewing project. I recently purchased a beautiful top and skirt from Xweets and they are gorgeous. Check her Etsy and blog out!

Anyway after purchasing the two items it definitely inspired me to retry making “that skirt” I had started about a year ago. I don’t understand how a skirt can be so hard to make but hopefully I can accomplish it and have more to share in the next few months….?