Doll #8 and #9

I hope these photos look okay. It’s been a gloomy day and there just wasn’t enough light coming through the windows for the photos. =/ Anyway, look, Princess dolls! :O

I am sending these two dolls to my nieces in California. I feel kind of bad actually because I’ve been trying to make their dolls for awhile now. I made 3 previous dolls for them in the last hmmm…6 months? But I just wasn’t feeling the love for them so of course I had to start over. I am very happy with these though, otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing them. 😛 I think they look great but I can’t believe I forgot to put my tag on them for the photoshoot! Nuuu!  Enjoy.

IMG_1126 IMG_1131 IMG_1118 IMG_1113 IMG_1084