Nerdy Caydi Take 2

Nerdy Caydi Take 2 and Hlub Koj pillow – inspired from originals from oh, so long ago.


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Happy Birthday Caydi Doll

Today’s the day! Happy Birthday to Caydi Doll! It has been pretty fun making my little dolls and Hmong inspired items. Let’s continue this journey!

A few people have e-emailed me about when I am going to start selling My Hmongy pillows online again and I’m sorry but I honestly I do not know. I don’t know if I want to once again revise my designs or start fresh. It’s been three years since the start up of My Hmongy pillows and as I look at the designs I almost feel they need a bit more umph to them. >_< So that is my dilemma! I’m sorry!

I am working on a tiny batch of dolls for my shop and will hopefully get them up by late February too if anyone is keeping an eye out for that.

Have a great day!