Doll #23, 24, 28, 29 and 30

I’ve been a little choppy in showing my dolls.

Doll #23 & 24 are apparently MIA, (oh no!) I couldn’t find their photos but do have their videos at my YouTube channel to view.

Here are dolls #28, 29 & 30! *_*

All dolls listed above have been sold and are on their way if not already to their new home. I wish them all the best and hope each doll is making someone very happy. Thank you to everyone who purchased their dolly from me – I had a fantastic time making them!

If you would like to order a doll, please email me on Etsy and I’ll see what I can do for you. ^_^

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Little Giveaway Results

Yahoo! I can finally share what I started working on a few months ago now that the winner has been selected for my drawing I did on Facebook. Congrats to Karina Hawj in the “Little Giveaway” and thank you to all who participated. 🙂


So just what exactly is the prize shown above? Well, simply put they are blanket dolls made for newborns. I think they would be great for baby shower gifts and cake toppers as well. So cute! Anyway, what inspired me to make these dolls were from some minky fabric I had purchase about two years ago. I purchased 12 yards of black and ivory and seriously, what was I thinking?! They’ve sat around for this whole time just taking up space and so a few months ago I decided it was time to utilize them. Minky is such a nice soft fabric and that led me to think about plushies, so…I came up with these dolls, ta-dah! 😉

I really like them and they was fun making but definitely full of frustration and time consuming like any other thing. 😀 I’ve not made enough to want to try listing them at my Etsy shop and I still want to refine them a little bit more but I’ll see how it goes.


In The Slumps

I guess I’m down in the slumps. I’ve not done too much sewing and am in a daze. Do you ever feel like that? I guess it’s only human nature to feel this way sometimes. I just need to get my stuff together and keep on trucking. =)

It’s going to be awhile before I have anything to post again so I thought I’d share this doll modeling the sweater and dress I made earlier last month. Isn’t she cute? 😉

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I also wanted to give a quick special thanks to all the testers and proofreaders who have spent time on the My Hmongy Doll pattern. I really appreciate it and once I get everything in better control, I’ll share all of your dolls here on my blog! I’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback, which was exactly what I was looking for. With that said, I am going to redo the entire pattern again to get better photos, add in extra steps and possibly record for video for extra guidance. And ohhhh boyyy, who knows how long that will take me. x_x

That’s it for now, take care!