Doll #6 and #7

I’m always happy to share my latest sewing projects but I’m super excited to share these two dolls here! I think they are beautiful, just gorgeous! I’ve started many dolls here and there since I’ve moved but these two are my first real finished ones. It’s been hard trying to get in the sewing mood but I really think these two came out great. They were specifically customized by a customer and I can’t wait for her to see them in person. When I look at them, I just can’t help but adore them. Hope you like them too!













Happy Birthday Caydi Doll

I can’t believe it has been two years since I started Caydi Doll! Happy Birthday Caydi Doll! I am doing a small giveaway for this celebration on the Facebook page so if you are interested in winning a set of Hmong inspired pillows, check it out. Will end this February 1st 2014.

Happy Birthday CaydiDoll Giveaway 2014

As for my plans for 2014, I’m making some changes to My Hmongy Pillows once again. I had a sudden halt with some technical difficulties last year but am now back on track. The changes will be in the size, design and fabric. I’m wrapping up on some of them and will have them available for purchase again at my Etsy shop soon by end of February. Some pillows will also be available for purchase at a local shop in Sacramento, CA by late May. Will have details on that once that happens! This will definitely help save on shipping if you live in Sacramento area or know someone who can get a hold of them. J

As for my little dolls, they are constantly a work in progress. I don’t know why but I’m so meticulous about them. Any little thing can ruin the entire doll for me. I guess that is why I just can’t seem to get them done but it’s alright, just simple obstacles that I can learn from and overcome. 😉

This is really pushing it for me, but I was thinking about making a YouTube channel to show short videos of my pillows. Hmm? Maybe not. I don’t know if I would have any patience for it but I’ll see. I might feel ambitious one day and do it. Haha.

Have a wonderful day! By the way, it is snowing! ^_^


Secret Project

Ahhhh, 2013 has not been a very productive year for me. What am I saying? It’s only been two years since I started my sewing adventure! Haha. Well truth be told, earlier this year I took on a personal project in hopes to better my future. It’s my “Secret Project” as I told a friend. I’m still working on it and I know I will probably be working on it for a great while. It’s not craft related, FYI. 😉 That’s the only excuse I have for not creating and sharing much but I told myself it’s because I lack management skills and yes, I’m just being lazy. I’ve not open the door to my craft room until as of lately again. Shame, shame on me. Anyway, to make it short and simple I just wanted to say I’m still here! 🙂 Also I noticed that I miss a few comments from previous blogs and if I did not reply, I’m very sorry! Please have a great day! ^_^

Hmongtivation Plz

Wowzers, it has been a LONG time since I wrote anything. I have a good reason again though. =P I haven’t been able to complete a single project! No lie! I have worked on so many things since my last post but just can’t finish anything. It is a bad habit. =/

Anyway after almost a year, I’m thinking about finally making my version of a Hmong shirt tutorial! I mean… it is almost time for the Hmong New Years again! So the other night I made one just to see if I still remembered and I think I do. 🙂 I think it has a pretty good fit considering it’s made from a square cut. Haha! 🙂 Here it is.



I started working on this shirt around 8PM and finished it around 4AM. About eight hours! I don’t know why it always take me so long to make something. It’s probably because I make so many mistakes and end up having to spend more time fixing them. *Sigh* The fabric was however slippery, and it gave me a hard time.

If you’d like to motivate me to make this tutorial so you can make your own, leave me a comment here or on Facebook. ^_^ Have a great day!