Lucky 6 Completion

Yay! I’m so proud to have all my Lucky 6 pillow’s done! 🙂 My nieces will love them! …I hope.  Here are the last 3 pillows. Click here for the first Lucky 3.

Hello Kitty, Pandapple and Chococat.

Hello Kitty

Pillow number 4 of 6, Hello Kitty!!!! This pillow will be going across the country soon to reach a niece of mine. I hope she loves it!

I was a bit nervous about making Hello Kitty due to the fact that Hello Kitty is so popular and who doesn’t know her?!  Any Hello Kitty fan can easily pick her out from the crowd and knowing this, I was afraid of making a mistake with her eyes and nose placement. The smallest misplacement could totally throw her off. Oh yeahhhh the stress was on. >=O However I think the final came out pretty good. I was very pleased with the finish pillow.

I had Google an image of Hello Kitty and used it as my layout. I used a combination of minky, velvet and felt fabric to finish the pillow. I also used my new Gingher scissor and serger that the Hubbie had got me this past week. The scissor is a bit heavy and uncomfortable but very sharp and good for corners. The serger as of now intimidates me because I’ve not learn how to thread it completely yet. O_O It will take some time. 🙂

Later on today I will be working on pillow 5. What do you think of the final pillow? 🙂

Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Caydi Cat”

Here is the new pillow for my Caydi Doll Pillow Series, “Caydi Cat”! Caydi Cat is made from minky fabric with touches of felt fabric. It measures 14 x 4.5 x 11 inches and full of cuteness! Actually full of polyester fiberfill. 🙂 CC was inspired originally from “Cold and Cute” which was made in January because it constantly reminded me of a kitty. Unlike my first two pillows I plan on making more than one to celebrate the month of March! If you are interested in purchasing a CC pillow, Etsy me. 😉