Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Delicious Pholicious”

-Part 4

I’m so jealous. Caydi has one of my favorite soups right now, pho. *_*


Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Sweet Valentine”

Good morning WordPressers! Beautiful morning here, the sun is out and it feels nice and cool. Well…I’ve not gone outside, but it feels that way! Woke up and grabbed a snack and then took some pictures of the new Caydi Pillow, “Sweet Valentine”.

“Sweet Valentine” definitely¬†got me thinking a lot! It was much more complicated compare to “Cold and Cute” but I guess that’s part of learning and trying to challenge yourself. ūüôā SV had more piece to work with, constantly¬†cutting, laying out, sewing and repeating the cycle. I changed a few things here and there while making it but the final result was very close to my digital image. This project took me about 12 hours to make and I’m thrilled with the outcome. I wanted something sweet and simple to help celebrate Valentine’s Day and I think this pillow does it! The pillow is¬†very soft and huggable, I love it!

If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind pillow, visit my Etsy.

WordPressers, here it is!

Pain is Good

Today has been a very quiet day for me. The hubster was at work and¬†I spent my time finishing the pillow I started¬†this past Monday. I did finish making it, but am still thinking of a name to call it. Hopefully by the end of the night, I will have a name for my new pillow. I’m ready to share it with WP but it’s a little late now and I don’t think my photos will be to great with such poor lighting so I will share and post it tomorrow after I get some decent photos.

The past¬†few weeks sewing have been pretty exciting¬†but I find my neck and shoulders hurting a bit. I think it’s from my posture when I sew. ¬†It’s tiring I¬†admit but the finish product always puts a smile on my face and the idea of having it handmade is really rewarding. So for now, the pain is good! Lol, no I really need to work¬†on it. More breaks when sewing perhaps?

Good night WordPressers, see you in the AM.

Hurry Delivery Man!

I got a tracking number today for fabric that¬†I order online. I’m happy but sad about it at¬†the same time because it’s not expected to be here for another 6 days! Nuu! That means I will have to hold off on some ideas until I get them.¬†Hopefully if all goes well I will have something to share by the end of next week. ūüôā


Okay! My final post for tonight before I head to bed. My newest pillows were made the other night and yesterday morning. I believe they are my cutest yet. Yesterday after showing it them to my husband, he told me I should definitely give it a name! Giving it a name would be a great idea, but what?

This morning I woke up around 7am from a strange dream. I laid in bed for a while just thinking about it and before I knew it I was debating if I should try to sleep some more since it is my last day before going to work again or should I get up and research names for my pillow. Hmm…the questions in life. I got up!

I surf the internet and came upon some beautiful names but none of them seemed good enough. After messing with letters I happily settled with Caydi. Everyone, I’m pleased to introduce to you, Caydi!

Image 1 – My vector image I created. Image 2 – My first try from the other night. Caydi is quite wrinkly I must say! She took me about 6 hours to make. Image 3- Caydi made yesterday morning, roughly made in about 4.5 hours.

They are both 16×16 and I’m very happy with the outcomes. I am thinking about making a pillow for every month but that’s just a thought!


In 2006 I¬†created and designed a little “doll”. It was actually just a digital piece of artwork but I wanted to share it on here. I’m sharing it because at the time when I made it I was so¬†excited just to make it.¬†That’s how I feel about my sewing right now. It’s exciting! My doll probably¬†took me a whole month to make. I¬†drew it,¬†vectored it, painted it and repeated the cycle over and over again.¬†After working on it for so long, one day I felt I had¬†absolutely nothing else I could do for it, and I called her finished. I was so proud of myself. ūüôā Oh yes, and then I named her Elly and here she is. Isn’t she sweet?

Lately I started thinking about her again. To this day, I feel like she is my greatest accomplishment yet in artwork! =D I want my sewing to be the same. I want to keep pushing myself to see what I can make!