Thank you!

Last week I sent out an order for three of my Love Noms Noms pillows to South Dakota for an expecting mommy to be. ^_^ A few days after she received the pillows, I got in my Etsy inbox an email from her. To my surprise, she sent a picture of the pillows, and for some reason it made me so happy. Seeing my creations I have dedicated so much time and effort into in someone else’s hands felt so good. It definitely made my day! *_* Thank you!

So far from having my Etsy shop and being a seller, the part I have enjoyed most is packing up my pillows and sending a thank you note.  Just knowing soon it will be in a buyer’s hands make me so nervous but very happy.

To all my previous buyers and buyers to come, you just don’t know how much I appreciate it! Thank you. 🙂

A Little Bit of Everything

Long time no see! >_< Even though I’ve not been updating my blog I have been working on a few things! 🙂 I finished my second Hmong shirt. I made it MUCH longer this time compare to my first one. I hope you like!


I’m very much in love with this fabric that I purchased at Minh Phat Fabrics in Sacramento. So shiny. *_* I showed this shirt to my Mother in Law and she gave me a extra dabtsov or flap thing in the back of the shirt to use. 😀 I will definitely use it for my next shirt! Although I did start to wonder why Hmong shirts have the dabtsov on the back. My Mother in Law says it’s just for decoration but do any of you know if there’s a meaning for it? Would love to know if there is!

Before I left for California, I had been working on my new scarf collection incorporating some Hmong designs. I made one scarf and was planning to give it to my Grandma, which I did! Unfortunately, I don’t know what I was thinking and didn’t give it to her when we were together in CA so I don’t have any pictures of her wearing it. I gave it to my Dad to drop it by her place since I was leaving for home soon already. I hope she likes it. She said it was a little thin, which it is; however I don’t think she knew it is more for good looks. >:D Lol. ❤ Grandma.

Anyway more to the scarves, I am working on them some more, trying to find what works and what not. I have two made at the moment, I just need to finish the stringy things at the end. I plan on listing these two at my Etsy shop once they are completed. 🙂

Don’t think I forgot about my sweet little Caydi! I am planning her next little collection piece as well for November which I will be focusing on this coming week. I can’t believe there’s only this month and December left to go for my Caydi Doll Collection. I feel like I was just creating her yesterday!

I also finished the next piece to my Love Noms Noms collection and will plan to share it once I get a few others done too.

So many projects and things I want to do! ^_^ Have a sweet day WordPressers!


Love Noms Noms

Before I share updates on a project I’ve been working on, I just wanted to let everyone know I will no longer be using the name Crafted Cuteness to go by. After searching Crafted Cuteness on Google and Etsy, I came upon an absolute sweet little shop with the same name and with that being said I am switching back to what originally started it all for me, my little Caydi Doll. ❤ Please check out her Etsy shop, she creates and patterns her very own amigurumi dolls and they are indeed full of cuteness!

Alrighty! So I’ve been working on a project collection called “Love Noms Noms”. It is a collection of some enjoyable foods I like. Oh yes, here I go with food again. 😀 Lol. I plan to have the very first two ready to share by the end of next week! Super excited and can’t wait! That’s all for now! >=D Have a great day!