Thank you!

Last week I sent out an order for three of my Love Noms Noms pillows to South Dakota for an expecting mommy to be. ^_^ A few days after she received the pillows, I got in my Etsy inbox an email from her. To my surprise, she sent a picture of the pillows, and for some reason it made me so happy. Seeing my creations I have dedicated so much time and effort into in someone else’s hands felt so good. It definitely made my day! *_* Thank you!

So far from having my Etsy shop and being a seller, the part I have enjoyed most is packing up my pillows and sending a thank you note.  Just knowing soon it will be in a buyer’s hands make me so nervous but very happy.

To all my previous buyers and buyers to come, you just don’t know how much I appreciate it! Thank you. 🙂

Back to Reality!

I’m back from my trip and WOW I had such a great time! A big THANK YOU to all the family members and friends who made it possible!

Here are some random pictures from my trip. 🙂

Grandma, Me and Mom. It was great seeing these two ladies again. I can’t believe my Grandma is taller than my Mom! Lol. ❤

Diaper cake I made for a baby shower while on the trip.
Cupcake, anyone?
Cute little scissors I purchased while browsing Chinatown.
Decorations from Chinatown.

More decorations.

Taking a break from all the sightseeing for a quick picture.

Traditional Hmong skirt my Grandma gave to me.

Something my Mom was working on. 🙂
A beautiful view of Lake Yosemite in Merced, CA.
Posing with a gun while the real shooters were playing paintball. 😀


I met the one and only Kajua from She was so sweet and fashionable!

This bubble tea was a bit too sweet and creative on the bottom but I still enjoyed it!
Got my sister in law to make me some pho! Her pho broth was very tasty!
Tasty papaya salad from L&L Video in Sacramento, CA.
Fabrics I purchased while in CA.

More fabrics.

Very pretty!


Beads I purchased.

Thought I’d share this hotdog I got while in Chicago. 😉

Told you they were random pictures. =)

Good night for now, jet lag is still active. ^_^


Love Noms Noms First Additions

I know I had wanted to share my first two pieces to my Love Noms Noms collection before the week ended but I got a little busy and then a little lazy… :O But no fear because instead of two, I now have four to show you! Hope you like!

With pho and bubble tea two of my favorite items, I decided to remake them into my first two pieces.

A rice cooker is as important as the rice itself! ❤  I think it’s adorable!

So with the three pieces above completed I started to think about other dishes  I enjoy eating. With that said, sesame balls it was! It’s been awhile since I’ve made sesame balls. Actually I think it’s been awhile since I made anything really. My goal is to make these  sweet little treats before the year is over!

I’m very excited about this collection and look forward to adding more. These will be on my Etsy shop soon. Have a wonderful night and thank  you for viewing!

Caydi’s Delicious Pholicious Rings

I’m so excited to show these, Caydi’s Delicious Pholicious Rings!

The rings are with a silver band and adjustable. I’m in love with them. *_*

I’ve been working with the Hmong faces for rings too, I will have them posted when I finish! ^_^ These rings will be available at my Etsy shop if interested in purchasing.  Have a great day!

Caydi Doll Pillow Series – “Delicious Pholicious”

-Part 4

I’m so jealous. Caydi has one of my favorite soups right now, pho. *_*


Bubble Tea Love

In my “About” section, I mentioned I enjoyed bubble tea and I wanted to make something to honor it. So long live the bubble tea! Here is a pillow I designed for all the bubble tea lovers!

If you don’t know what bubble tea is I highly recommend you try it. They are also called boba tea. Depending on where you purchase it, the drink may be in a smoothie form or a tea drink form. I prefer the smoothie if I have a choice. 🙂 At the bottom of the drink are the “bubbles” and you can slurp and drink them up with a big old straw they give you. It’s a great little sweet drink to have on a hot day…and after a bowl of pho! Oh goodness…pho is another story too. >.<

Find this pillow on Etsy, 8×8 or 15×15

A few post back I talked about the draft snake I made for a coworker. I did give it to her and she absolutely loved it. Yay!