Tiny Pixels

A few years ago my husband and I created a small pixel artwork together for one of his class assignments and I tore the closet down today trying to look for it. Unfortunately I had no luck finding it. The piece was very simple but it showed our teamwork just like pixels working together to form a whole image.

The reason why I’m writing about this artwork is because I want to recreate a pillow similar to it. Wish me luck and I hope to have updates in the next two weeks. 🙂

Upcoming Pillow

Been planning on my next pillow and here is a sneak peek!

Planning on getting this pillow done and completed before March ends. Can you guess where I’m going with this? 🙂

Good night WordPressers.


Okay! My final post for tonight before I head to bed. My newest pillows were made the other night and yesterday morning. I believe they are my cutest yet. Yesterday after showing it them to my husband, he told me I should definitely give it a name! Giving it a name would be a great idea, but what?

This morning I woke up around 7am from a strange dream. I laid in bed for a while just thinking about it and before I knew it I was debating if I should try to sleep some more since it is my last day before going to work again or should I get up and research names for my pillow. Hmm…the questions in life. I got up!

I surf the internet and came upon some beautiful names but none of them seemed good enough. After messing with letters I happily settled with Caydi. Everyone, I’m pleased to introduce to you, Caydi!

Image 1 – My vector image I created. Image 2 – My first try from the other night. Caydi is quite wrinkly I must say! She took me about 6 hours to make. Image 3- Caydi made yesterday morning, roughly made in about 4.5 hours.

They are both 16×16 and I’m very happy with the outcomes. I am thinking about making a pillow for every month but that’s just a thought!


In 2006 I created and designed a little “doll”. It was actually just a digital piece of artwork but I wanted to share it on here. I’m sharing it because at the time when I made it I was so excited just to make it. That’s how I feel about my sewing right now. It’s exciting! My doll probably took me a whole month to make. I drew it, vectored it, painted it and repeated the cycle over and over again. After working on it for so long, one day I felt I had absolutely nothing else I could do for it, and I called her finished. I was so proud of myself. 🙂 Oh yes, and then I named her Elly and here she is. Isn’t she sweet?

Lately I started thinking about her again. To this day, I feel like she is my greatest accomplishment yet in artwork! =D I want my sewing to be the same. I want to keep pushing myself to see what I can make!