Doll #27 Continue

Here’s a super quick clip of Doll #27. I’m very happy with her outcome. She looks so gentle and innocent! *LOL* Love it.


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Doll #22

I finally uploaded something onto my YouTube Channel. Check out doll #22. Unlike my older original dolls, this one is different because the facial features and trims are actually printed versus drawn on. To be honest I do like this printed method however when I got done making this doll, I did not feel as accomplished. With my original dolls I had to be so careful when drawing on the faces that it drove me bananas. LOL. So when I got done drawing, I was so proud but this printed one felt like a cheat. >_< Hmm…I’m still very happy with the outcome though and I think she’s gorgeous.


doll 22

doll 22 -1

I also have decided to add two “Made to Order” listings at my Etsy shop for my dolls. One is for my original dolls and the other for the printed version. If you’d like to have a doll made especially for you then check it out! 🙂 Good night.

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Better Late Than Never

I’ve been revamping one of my doll designs again and while doing so, I’ve kept an old friend from high school in mind. I knew her for a brief time during my senior year but she was a great friend. What happened was a few weeks ago while I was trying to look for something in old boxes, I found her wedding invitation she had sent me years ago and it made me think of her. So what does she have to do with my doll pattern? Well,  honestly I have been meaning to send her a baby shower gift for over a year now!!!! I know! I’m a horrible friend! >_< While finishing this pattern, I thought it would be great to make the very first doll for her daughter as a late, late, late gift. So I did just that, here she is! 🙂 I’m planning to send it to her next week and I hope they both like it.

doll chloeOh, it also looks like one of her eyebrow is missing but trust me it’s there. Haha! Her hair is just covering it. Have a great night.

Finished Doll #21

The doll that I have been working on is done! I’m happy with the overall design but I still can’t get the eyes figured out so until then I’ll keep it the same way I always have. Her eyes personally I am not happy with but it’s kind of late. x_x

Her dress is made from felt with tulle overlay. I love my tulle! The dress can be removed and I used a small piece of velcro to help secure in the back. Her belt sash pulls to the back and ties a bow. She even has a pair of undies on! Haha! 

IMG_1582-front view

The photo below somewhat shows the progression of my doll testing. The top three are the testers and bottom three are the more final ones. I love the one with the white hair. She looks so pretty and I think her eyes also look really good but I haven’t been able to duplicate it again. Makes it frustrating. >_<


I know I’ve talked about it over and over but the shop will be opening again late this week! Hope you’ll check it out. 🙂 Have a great night.