Should be Snoozing

Once again I find myself awake and unable to sleep. Not good because I’m due for work in a few hours!

I thought I’d update on my posting “That Skirt” and in all honesty I’ve had no success with it! I should have known it would be a difficult project for me. *chuckles* I have little to zero knowledge in sewing clothing and so for now I will continue to focus on my little pillows. ^_^ Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not giving up on trying to sew clothing but rather leaving it to the experts. 😀 Lol.

Good night WordPressers!

I Should Be Sleeping

I can’t sleep. I noticed this has been a ongoing thing for me lately. 😦 It’s 2:06ish in the morning. Woke up and thought it was time for work already but whew, I’m glad it wasn’t. I would have felt very cheated if it was. 😀 So here I am posting a blog from my phone. I’m sure there are many spelling errors. Sorry in advance.

I hope my fabric gets here on time. I’ve planned out some ideas and am ready to make the next pillow to my series. I also need to add more pictures from Caydi’s “Cold and Cute” on here. I think I’ll make a page just for pictures when I get a chance.

I better try to snooze again, I have a busy three day ahead of me at work! Good night WordPress!